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Who is Tyler Huffman?

A question I ask myself from time to time is definitely who am I? Well for starters, my name is Tyler Huffman. I am 22 years old and happily attend San José State University. This is my second semester at San José State, my first three years in college were spent at the College of San Mateo. After several semesters at CSM I realized that my passion in education rested in the journalism department, since then I have emphasized my studies in broadcast journalism.

Broadcast journalism is an exciting field for me because it allows me to be myself while also reporting stories and sharing information. There has always been a side to me that loves to break news and talk about what is going on, so as time went on it was obvious to me that journalism was the option for me. In the future I would love for my studies and hard work to take me to an anchoring position. The “Egg McMuffin” of my dreams would be to anchor a sports show, ideally for my beloved bay area sports teams or for the juggernaut ESPN.

Other than my school or career aspirations I am a pretty normal guy. I work for Apple Retail and have been there for the past three years. Working for Apple is pretty much as amazing as it sounds, it isn’t hard to have fun inane of the most exciting companies in the world. Other than that, in my free time i enjoy playing basketball, listening to music, and spending time with friends.

PS My favorite colors are orange/black, red/gold, or blue/yellow. Depends on whether its baseball, football, or basketball season.

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