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Fly on the Wall

Sitting on a bench outside of the Apple Store in Burlingame. The avenue street is  buzzing with people and dogs alike. The sun is out, but for some reason or another that seems to be a staple of the avenue. No matter how poor the weather is in the peninsula, this avenue is consistently graced with the warm rays of the sun.

The only thing moving faster than the people is their own tongues. It seems that everyone on the avenue is in the middle of a conversation. Whether its deflecting attention from Green Peace, talking business over the phone, or casually talking to a friend, the noise from everyone’s voice resonates through the entire avenue.

The smell of the avenue never changes. After a rainy weekend you may be lucky enough to smell the fresh air, but on a typical sunny day there is no smell. One’s senses are far too overworked with people watching, there is no time to smell car exhaustion from the busy street.

The taste of the avenue is more often then not delicious. Restaurants flood the street and hungry people come from all over the peninsula for a nice lunch out in the warm weather. When people leave the avenue, they will usually leave just short of a food coma.

You touch the avenue when you pet the dogs. I have never been to such a busy place with so many dogs around. People look forward to meeting new dogs and in a way the avenue itself has become a bit of a dog park. Definitely something that one who looks to visit this wonderful place should think about.


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