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What makes it News?

Over the past two weeks there has been a phenomenon sweeping across the National Basketball Association. This phenomenon has come in the form of Jeremy Lin, and people are beginning to believe that nothing is “Linpossible” for this young star in the NBA.

What makes Jeremy Lin newsworthy is that he is the first American born Chinese player to ever play in the NBA. He also plays for the New York Knicks which has the benefit of having one of the largest markets in the game. I have been following the “Lin Dynasty” now since his first start 5 games ago and he has really been impressive. In one game scoring 38 on the Los Angeles Lakers. ESPN, among other sports broadcasting stations, has been ecstatic with the rise of this young star.

This news definitely can relate to the Bay Area because Jeremy Lin was born and raised nearby in the city of Palo Alto. His senior year he took Paly to the state championship and spent the next four years at school in a little place called Harvard. The Warriors even drafted him but released him because he didn’t fit into their system as well. After being released earlier this season by the Houston Rockets, Lin scored a job as a reserve for the Knicks while sleeping on his brothers couch in New York. When injuries occurred Lin finally had an opportunity to show the world what he can do, and what better place than the Basketball Mecca, Madison Square Garden. Now Lin is becoming a household name, some may even say the Tebow of the NBA. As long as the Knicks keep “Linning”, the Jeremy Lin buzz won’t be going anywhere.

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