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Drinking Coffee Elsewhere

ZZ Packer is a very interesting and entertaining writer to follow. She is an African American writer from Chicago and in the passage I read from “Drinking Coffee Elsewhere” you can see that passion she has for her race bleed onto the pages in her writing. In the beginning of the passage she immediately opens up talking about different races. I thought it was interesting the way she jumped into labeling people by race right away in the passage. 

I can tell ZZ Packer may tend to be a controversial writer because of her style. She doesn’t hesitate to label using colors of skin, but also has no problem talking about sexual orientation or any of the other topics that come up during the school years. I don’t mind the writing style of Packer but I can definitely see why more conservative people would not enjoy her writing as much as I did.

I enjoyed how Packer uses profanities in her writing. This is something you don’t see often because it is not accepted widely but it would be a lie to not acknowledge that this is how younger people tend to speak. Packer’s writing shows that she herself is young and understands still how people younger than her continue to interact with each other.

ZZ Packer’s writing is refreshing to me because she isn’t afraid to be different and use different techniques to build her great  stories.


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