Feature Story



The San Francisco 49ers changed their head coach and general manager prior to the 2011-2012 season. In my humble opinion, the successful result of the new acquisitions last season has lead to something more more exciting for 49er fans… a changed culture. 

Similes and Metaphors

Simile The puppy was bound by his harness like a criminal who had been handcuffed by the police. Her awkwardly nervous laugh filled the room like crickets after a poor joke. Metaphor Tiffani was a gargoyle, perched on the edge of the wall and motionless. The trees were a canopy, casting a cooling shadow over […]

Japanese Memorial

My class took a trip to visit the Japanese Internment Memorial located in downtown San Jose. The internment of the Japanese is not a new subject to me, but seeing the memorial was a first time for me. The images on the memorial came to life and made the shadowed American memory come to life […]

Fish out of WATER

When in high school I attended at 10 day trip to the south to learn about the Civil Rights era. I definitely felt a bit out of place in the area because I learned so much about so many racial prejudices that were committed by people who have the same skin color as me. Although […]

In My Humble Opinion…

College basketball players should have to play a minimum of two years at the college level before entering themselves in the NBA and forfeiting their college careers. NBA players don’t have the luxury of a long and steady career so having a back-up plan is a necessity for someone hoping to enter the league. 

Word #9

1. Picaresque 2. His specialty was the picaresque novel, which took the hero on a wild ride.  3. of or relating to rogues and rascals. 4. My picaresque group of friends and I commonly roam the streets of San Francisco intoxicated.