Feature Story



The San Francisco 49ers changed their head coach and general manager prior to the 2011-2012 season. In my humble opinion, the successful result of the new acquisitions last season has lead to something more more exciting for 49er fans… a changed culture. 

Similes and Metaphors

Simile The puppy was bound by his harness like a criminal who had been handcuffed by the police. Her awkwardly nervous laugh filled the room like crickets after a poor joke. Metaphor Tiffani was a gargoyle, perched on the edge of the wall and motionless. The trees were a canopy, casting a cooling shadow over […]

Japanese Memorial

My class took a trip to visit the Japanese Internment Memorial located in downtown San Jose. The internment of the Japanese is not a new subject to me, but seeing the memorial was a first time for me. The images on the memorial came to life and made the shadowed American memory come to life […]

Fish out of WATER

When in high school I attended at 10 day trip to the south to learn about the Civil Rights era. I definitely felt a bit out of place in the area because I learned so much about so many racial prejudices that were committed by people who have the same skin color as me. Although […]

In My Humble Opinion…

College basketball players should have to play a minimum of two years at the college level before entering themselves in the NBA and forfeiting their college careers. NBA players don’t have the luxury of a long and steady career so having a back-up plan is a necessity for someone hoping to enter the league. 

Mystery Character

From outside in his is seen as a small man. He is skinny and frail and his habitual smoking makes people worrisome about his health. From the inside looking out he is the largest man in existence. Living vicariously through his faith, he sends a message of happiness to those who choose to listen. What […]