Word #9

1. Picaresque 2. His specialty was the picaresque novel, which took the hero on a wild ride.  3. of or relating to rogues and rascals. 4. My picaresque group of friends and I commonly roam the streets of San Francisco intoxicated.  Advertisements

Word #8

1. Incunabulum 2. The tiny college has a library that boasts an impressive collection of incunabulum. 3. A book printed before 1501. 4. After purchasing an old storage unit, I discovered a box that included very old books, some of which included a collection of incunabulum.

Drinking Coffee Elsewhere

ZZ Packer is a very interesting and entertaining writer to follow. She is an African American writer from Chicago and in the passage I read from “Drinking Coffee Elsewhere” you can see that passion she has for her race bleed onto the pages in her writing. In the beginning of the passage she immediately opens […]

Word of the Day #9

1. Zeitgeber 2. The most prominent zeitgeber in humans is the light/dark transition. 3. An environmental cue, as in the daylight in one day. 4. The sunset marked the zeitgeber of daytime to dusk.