Word #7

1. Astringent 2. Here she was thinner, and going unripe, astringent. 3. Sharply incisive; pungent. 4. As the game of tug-o-war grew to an end, the rope grew very astringent. Advertisements

Word #6

1. Appertain 2. Natural rights are those that appertain to man in right of his existence. 3. Appertain [def]: to belong as a part, right, possession or attribute. 4. His knowledge of the game grew to the point where any question regarding the NBA would appertain to him.

Word #5

1. Pettifog 2. Marius, my boy, you are baron, you are rich, please don’t pettifog, i beg of you. 3. Pettifog [def]: to bicker or quibble over trifles of unimportant matters. 4. Instead of arguing over important matters, my friends and I are pettifog in our discussions.

Word #4

1. Bespeak 2. Let the crooked flower bespeak its purpose in straightness- to seek the light. 3. Bespeak [def]: to show; indicate 4. I was forced to bespeak my hard work in order to show the professor I was not the lazy student he thought I was.

Word #3

1. Cordate 2. Despite their strong and interlinked root structure, the actual flower were of a lowly order, though, canted towards the sun, they attracted the cordite butterflies. 3. Cordate [def]: heart shaped. 4. While laying and watching the sky, cordate clouds were formed and capped off a perfect Valentine’s Day.

Word #2

1. Cacography 2. The letter was marred by cacography and poor punctuation among other flaws. 3. Cacography [def]: Bad spelling; bad handwriting. 4. Because of the advances in computer word processing, my work has much less cacography.  

Word #1

1. peroration 2. This person always provides a dramatic peroration; it is expected of him and he seldom disappoints. Tamsour is the theme; and the substance is usually personal aggrandizement, sometimes a bit of self-pity, but never apologies for past misdeeds, real or imaginary – Jack Vance, Night Lamp 3. peroration [def] : long speech […]