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Word #8

1. Incunabulum

2. The tiny college has a library that boasts an impressive collection of incunabulum.

3. A book printed before 1501.

4. After purchasing an old storage unit, I discovered a box that included very old books, some of which included a collection of incunabulum.

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Drinking Coffee Elsewhere

ZZ Packer is a very interesting and entertaining writer to follow. She is an African American writer from Chicago and in the passage I read from “Drinking Coffee Elsewhere” you can see that passion she has for her race bleed onto the pages in her writing. In the beginning of the passage she immediately opens up talking about different races. I thought it was interesting the way she jumped into labeling people by race right away in the passage.  Continue Reading »

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Word of the Day #9

1. Zeitgeber

2. The most prominent zeitgeber in humans is the light/dark transition.

3. An environmental cue, as in the daylight in one day.

4. The sunset marked the zeitgeber of daytime to dusk.

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Mystery Character

From outside in his is seen as a small man. He is skinny and frail and his habitual smoking makes people worrisome about his health. From the inside looking out he is the largest man in existence. Living vicariously through his faith, he sends a message of happiness to those who choose to listen. What is most admirable about this man is that his riches don’t define him because he lives for his people, and his words have helped people live through him. His words live on to this day, but the same cannot be said for him.

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Word #7

1. Astringent

2. Here she was thinner, and going unripe, astringent.

3. Sharply incisive; pungent.

4. As the game of tug-o-war grew to an end, the rope grew very astringent.

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Word #6

1. Appertain

2. Natural rights are those that appertain to man in right of his existence.

3. Appertain [def]: to belong as a part, right, possession or attribute.

4. His knowledge of the game grew to the point where any question regarding the NBA would appertain to him.

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Word #5

1. Pettifog

2. Marius, my boy, you are baron, you are rich, please don’t pettifog, i beg of you.

3. Pettifog [def]: to bicker or quibble over trifles of unimportant matters.

4. Instead of arguing over important matters, my friends and I are pettifog in our discussions.