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Japanese Memorial

My class took a trip to visit the Japanese Internment Memorial located in downtown San Jose. The internment of the Japanese is not a new subject to me, but seeing the memorial was a first time for me. The images on the memorial came to life and made the shadowed American memory come to life […]

Fish out of WATER

When in high school I attended at 10 day trip to the south to learn about the Civil Rights era. I definitely felt a bit out of place in the area because I learned so much about so many racial prejudices that were committed by people who have the same skin color as me. Although […]

Firefighter Lead Exercise

Firefighters rescued a San Jose man who was found unconscious in his kitchen, while his home on Annapolis Way was being engulfed by flames yesterday afternoon. Robert Kent, 50 year old retiree, suffered second and third degree burns and was rushed to Valley Medical Center where he is listed as in critical condition. San Jose […]

Who is Tyler Huffman?

A question I ask myself from time to time is definitely who am I? Well for starters, my name is Tyler Huffman. I am 22 years old and happily attend San José State University. This is my second semester at San José State, my first three years in college were spent at the College of […]